I Like Mango! Yes, but I can’t say it.

November 2016

Ahmad Dhani the famous Indonesian Musician, has joined the protest against Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the Indonesian’s capital city Governor, Jakarta. As reported by the CNN and other sources, about 200,000 peoples came to jakarta. Ahmad Dhani in his oration saying some indicated blasphemy words against Joko Widodo, The President Of Indonesia. “I want to say PIG, but i am not allowed, I want to say DOG, but i am not allowed”. The statement is not fully wrong. That is true, and i believe everyone is agree about what he has said. But, you know what? Ahmad Dhani really mean it! He wants to say it, and he say it in his oration. You can see the video belows:


Indonesia was a beautiful country with a thousand of ethnics that protected under the National Constitution. The President is a part of constitution itself. The President was choosen by the people of Indonesia. Jokowi has won the Presidential election in 2014 with 53,15% vote by the people of Indonesia. Let’s open your mind up. We have chosen to vote for Joko Widodo, and someone just say that we have chosen a PIG? a DOG? is Ahmad Dhani a really perfect person that can think better than 53,15% peoples of Indonesia? Wow! We are so proud about him. Ahmad Dhani not just insulted President Joko Widodo, but he also insulted 53,15% peoples that vote for Joko Widodo.

I knew that it is hard for you Ahmad Dhani to accept the reality that you can’t be a good Politician. Don’t let the hatred controling yourself, it will consume you and you will never have peace in your heart.



but you have to pay for what you’ve said, Ahmad Dhani.


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